with the mail centre in dunfermline

IMPORTANT!   Please read this before you go on to register.

As you will have read elsewhere in this site,  the DVLA have tightened the criteria governing the status of premises to which driving licences and vehicles can be registered.   Unfortunately,  our current property at Ridgeway House falls foul of these new rules and,  because using the address for the DVLA is fundamental to our customers,  we will be relocating the Scottish Mail Centre this autumn.

We are still in the process of researching potential Mail Centre premises,  ideally in or around Edinburgh,  but at this stage we are not discounting a possible location in Glasgow,  Dundee,  or even Aberdeen.

your options;

register now, then move with us!

Register at the current Ridgeway House Mail Centre  ( using the alternative address for if necessary )  then,  once we open at the new location,  we'll transfer your account.   To compensate you for the inconvenience,  we will also add an extra extra three months to your account free of charge!

Click here to register a mailbox at Ridgeway House now.

. . .or select a different location

All of our other Mail Centres enjoy 'residential' status,  so their addresses are accepted without reserve by the DVLA.   Because all mail is either scanned or forwarded,  the physical location of the Mail Centre is irrelevant unless,  of course,  you specifically need a virtual address north of the border.

Click the postal addresses below to visit each alternative Mail Centre's website

UK Mail Centre address example - Swansea, West Wales UK Mail Centre address example - Telford, Midlands UK Mailing address in Taunton, South West UK accommodation address example - Cambridgeshire, South East UK mailboxes and forwarding in Northern Ireland


existing customers

We temporarily suspended new registrations on the 1st of May 2019,  and those of you who already hold an account at Ridgeway House will have received an email from us explaining the situation,  how it will effect your mail,  and what options you have.

If you decide to move with us to the new Mail Centre,  we will extend your existing account for a further six months,  free of charge  to compensate you for the inconvenience of having to change your address.   We will also help you to inform your regular correspondents and will maintain your mailbox in Dunfermline for a 60 days after the move,  to 'mop up' any late arriving mail,  and then forward it to your new address at our cost.

However,  should you decide that you do not wish to move with us,  we will continue to provide the service,  as usual,  until the end of your current contracted term.   As a final option and without prejudice,  if you wish to close your mailbox immediately and make alternative arrangements,  we will refund any days remaining on your account,  pro rata.