posting from your mailbox address

Why do you have a mailbox with a Scottish street address?   Perhaps you use expost scotland because you don't want anyone to know where you live or work,  or that you have relocated abroad.   So,  do you really want to reply to letters,  or return that official form,  with a foreign stamp on the envelope or an incorrect postmark?

Outpost is a unique service,  particularly useful for Scottish expats,  that is available to Private and Business account customers alike.   Use outpost and your letters or parcels will be delivered,  by the Royal Mail or Courier,  from our Head Office mailroom.

There is another bonus;   Sending several items of mail to addresses in the UK can work out a lot cheaper with Outpost than mailing them individually via your local postal service,  and many of our expatriate customers include all of their friend's letters in one single consignment,  with just one Surcharge payable.   Very popular in the run up to Christmas!   :o)

Example Outpost mail service address for expats
how to use outpost

It couldn't be simpler.   Address and seal the outpost items to be posted and enclose them in an outer envelope;  but don't apply stamps,  that's all part of the service!

Write your mailbox Key on the back of the outer envelope to identify your account and send it to our Head Office at the address on the envelopes pictured above.

On arrival at our Head Office,  your outpost enclosure envelope will be opened and the letters it contains will be posted,  the same day,  from within the UK,  so that there is no indication that they have been professionally processed.

fees and restrictions

There are no restrictions.   You can use outpost for items up to the Royal Mail's Small Parcel size format,  with any global destination address,  by any delivery method including international signed-for or private courier.

There are no set-up charges,  if you have a mailbox account,  you can use outpost!

Our normal handling fees apply,  plus postage at cost,  and only a single manual handling Surcharge to process each outpost consignment,  regardless of the number of items it contains!

print & post

we can even print the letter for you!

This unique service is a natural extension to 'outpost'.   Send an email to outpost@expost.uk,  with your letter  (or letters)  attached as a .pdf.   We'll then print it on a full colour laser,  pop it into an envelope and post it. . .  the same day.   Please don't forget to include your mailbox Key number,  how you'd like the letter sending,  and,  of course,  the address for us to send it to!   :o)

To print & post a letter costs just £2.00.   The first printed page is included,  after which you pay 10p per additional page and,  of course,  the postage to its destination.

You will see the total charge appearing in your 90 Day Statement as 'outpost'.